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Mission Statement

The prime objective of the club is the promotion and encouragement of cycling and physical fitness within the first responders’ community


The club will create an atmosphere of camaraderie through shared events and gatherings bringing together its membership of various fields in a common goal


The club will hold races, training session and compete in individual and team events in both non-competitive and competitive events


The members of the club will share their personal experiences in cycling as to encourage and educate each other in the sport of cycling


The club will conduct events and participate in activities to encourage the sport of cycling within the first responders community and reach out to various charities and community organizations to promote the club and the members interests


The club and its members will conduct themselves in a manner that will create a positive image for the club and the first responder community in general


The club has no affiliation with any agency of government except that its membership is composed of first responders of both paid and volunteer organizations

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